When you think of separating or divorcing, the images that likely come to mind are scenes from movies: fighting, out-of-control emotions, spiraling financial costs, a protracted legal battle, and someone in a black robe making decisions that will impact you and your family for years to come. Feelings of loss, anger, confusion and hurt often make it difficult to imagine that the process of separating can be anything but destructive.It doesn’t have to be that way. THERE IS A BETTER WAY: COLLABORATIVE PRACTICE.

The Collaborative Process

  • Is a client-centered process that EMPOWERS you to resolve your legal disputes without judges or court personnel making decisions for you, and SHELTERS you from courtroom stress.
  • Provides you with specially trained legal, mental health and financial professionals to SUPPORT, EDUCATE and GUIDE you in reaching solutions that are balanced, respectful and lasting.
  • Offers you a SAFE environment to reduce the conflict and SUPPORT YOUR CHILDREN’S WELL-BEING.

Learn more about the Collaborative Process from DCACP Past President, Erin Golding in her interview on Good Morning Washington.