Why Choose Collaborative?

  • I want to avoid court and costly litigation
  • I want full and open disclosure so I can make informed decisions
  • I want a problem-solving approach with experts to support and guide me
  • I want to be able to keep control of the process
  • I want to focus on meeting the needs of my children
  • I want a process that is respectful
  • I want a process that is present and future-oriented
  • I want a process that addresses the needs, interests, concerns and goals of all members of my family
  • I want to get along with my co-parent for the sake of our children
  • I want to reach an agreement that feels fair and is durable

There is no process that guarantees a particular outcome. By pledging not to go to court to reach agreements — a cornerstone of the Collaborative Process — clients are able to have honest exchanges of information without the fear of that information being used against them in court. In face-to-face discussions, with the guidance of Collaboratively trained attorneys and other professionals, options can be developed to address each issue needing to be resolved. Durable agreements can be reached that feel fair and serve as a framework for co-parenting.