DCACP Membership Program and Dinner

Come join us for the presentation, Updating Our Message, Elevator Speeches and Media Outreach to Keep Up With Our Evolution.  Presenters: Barbara Burr and Robin Taub

With our evolving proficiency in providing a wider variety of multi-disciplinary, out of court process options, we need to refine and inform our current messages to clients and community so our language provides a focus that includes, but expands beyond, our explanations of Collaborative “Large C”. At the same time, our discussions need to remain clear with new clients, colleagues and the larger community audience about the variety of peacemaking options we are now able to offer.

This program will help members begin to think about updating their own elevator speech, their website profiles, and the ways in which DCACP can reach a wider client population now that Collaborative has been available to DC area clients for over ten years.

5:45 - 6:30 -- networking

6:30 - 7:45 -- program and dinner*

*The program/dinner fee is $40.  There will be a bar open where members can purchase drinks for an additional cost.

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