"Complexity and Protocols: Adapting Collaborative Process in the Complex System of Divorce," a one day Advanced Training hosted by DCACP

Presenter: Victoria Smith JD, C.Med., Cert.CFM (FMC)

Our DC/MD/VA Collaborative community is now over ten years old. While we are continually adding new, energetic members to our practice groups, we also have a strong core of experienced Collaborative professionals who have been doing cases for a good long while. As a community, we are no longer in our infancy. We have worked hard to master the “recipe” of real Collaborative practice, and we have done our best to follow the protocols and stay true to the essential ingredients of the model.

Now, our teams are, at times, developmentally stretching against the limits of the model. We are beginning to try new ways of moving clients through the process, and we are – here and there – experimenting with tweaks on the recipe, while still staying true to the essential ingredients. But our community has not had an opportunity to discuss these departures (or indeed whether we should be following a recipe at all!) facilitated by an experienced trainer and practitioner.

This training will focus on understanding the taxonomy of simple, complicated and complex problems and the challenge of applying a process roadmap to a complex system, such as a divorce, that is constantly changing, unpredictable and dependent upon the interaction among the participants.

Victoria will help our community explore:

  • our connection or resistance to protocols
  • how protocols can lead to impasse and why
  • what is essential to collaborative practice and what we can let go of or change?
  • what case indicators help the team decide how and when to follow or deviate from protocols? What are the risks and rewards?
  • a new approach to our work that focuses on customizing process as well as solutions
  • These questions, and more, will be examined during this one-day highly interactive and experiential training.

About the presenter: Victoria Smith JD, C.Med., Cert.CFM (FMC) is a collaborative lawyer, mediator, writer and educator. For more than 15 years her practice has focused exclusively on settlement work. She is an intern ationally recognized trainer in the process of Collaborative Practice, settlement advocacy, negotiation and communication skills. She is a former Adjunct Professor of Collaborative Lawyering at Osgoode Hall Law School; co-author of Collaborative Family Law, Another Way to Resolve Family Law Disputes, published by Carswell and numerous articles on collaborative practice and ADR. Victoria is a member of the Board of Directors of Collaborative Practice Toronto and a Former Member of the Board of the international Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

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