DCACP Membership Program and Dinner

Come join us for a presentation by Paul Smollar, Andrea Hirsch and Adele D'Ari, The Space Between: The Richness of Our Work with Clients Before and After and In Between Team Meetings.

We often focus our trainings on how to help clients and teams navigate the work during team meetings. However, the conversations we all have with clients between team meetings are just as important, if not in some ways more essential. How we talk with, prepare, calm, and support our clients in between the full team meetings can mean the difference between a failed or successful process, and the difference between just "getting to settlement" and a transformative experience. This program will explore some of the ways we work with clients in "the space between", including:

  • providing emotional containment and support
  • helping clients think through concepts in the safety and quiet of our offices
  • helping clients put their thoughts and feelings into (tactful) words
  • gaining understanding of our clients' true interests before they express them to their spouses
  • calming clients' anxiety
  • motivating clients to power through when they are exhausted by the process
  • holding hope and optimism for clients who feel discouraged or hopeless
  • strengthening our relationships with clients so that during team meetings, we are in sync with them

This program will offer information and ideas about this essential "space between" and provide opportunities for lively discussion. 

5:45 - 6:30 -- networking

6:30 - 7:45 -- program and dinner*

*The program/dinner fee is $40.  There will be a bar open where members can purchase drinks for an additional cost.

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