DCACP Membership Program and Dinner

Come join us for the presentation, Can We Offer Our Peacemaking Paradigms to Even High Conflict Clients?  We Would Say....That's a "Yes."  Presenters: Sue Soler, Heather Hostetter, Kate Scharff

Not all high conflict cases are appropriate for out-of-court processes, but many can benefit from at least some of our peacemaking protocols and many of our evolved, interest-based negotiation skills and cooperative relationships.

This program will highlight such topics as:

  • Process options that offer clients who are litigating financial issues to work with mental health mediators on parenting and custody issues.
  • Ways in which settlement minded and/or litigating attorneys can bring in divorce and parenting coaches, child specialists, and financial neutrals to facilitate even the most high conflict cases and help clients find the most family-friendly options possible.
  • Creative roles for mental health professionals who may be helpful to attorneys who are headed for Court.
  • How litigating and settlement attorneys can rely on their evolved Collaborative and collaborative skills to engage opposing counsel in the hopes of moving some of the conflict to the negotiation table.

5:45 - 6:30 -- networking

6:30 - 7:45 -- program and dinner*

*The program/dinner fee is $40.  There will be a bar open where members can purchase drinks for an additional cost.

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