DCACP Membership Program and Dinner

Come join us for the presentation, Increasing Our Collaborative Caseload from the Inside Out: A Self-Assessment Exercise  Presenters: Lisa Herrick and Barb Burr.

Some of our members do a fair amount of Collaborative cases and their success is based both on referrals, and on their own generation of cases. Others voice frustration and feel discouraged by the slow pace of building their Collaborative practice caseload. That slow pace can be perplexing. This program will explore several ingredients –both external and internal – that can contribute to the steady or relatively slower pace of building one’s Collaborative practice. We will take a little time during the program to allow members to explore a Self-Assessment that may help each individual sort out what is contributing to success, or getting in the way of doing more Collaborative work. Our hope is that this exercise will help ALL members look ahead to the coming year and see opportunities for building their own caseload in ways that they will find personally satisfying.

5:45 - 6:30 -- networking

6:30 - 7:45 -- program and dinner*

*The program/dinner fee is $40.  There will be a bar open where members can purchase drinks for an additional cost.

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