DCACP Spring Symposium -- LGBTQ Experiences: Families, Culture and The Law

This training day will offer a series of panel discussions, each exploring a different arena of experience within the LGBTQ Community.

The day will consist of the following:

Introduction to the day: Our panelists will give today's presentations a context of time and place, looking at past, present and future for LGBTQ individuals and families.

Panel 1: Personal Narratives: Discussion by two same-sex couples about their journeys through earlier heterosexual marriages and current long-term marriages

Panel 2: The Legal Lens: Presentations by Family Law Attorneys Who Specialize in Working with LGBTQ Clients

Panel 3: Cultural Competency and Understanding Gender Identity and Fluidity

Panel 4: Working with Parents, Families and Couples: The Mental Health Perspective

For more details and to learn about the panelists, click on the Symposium Flyer.




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