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David S. Tyson

Tyson & Murphy Associates
Coach, LCSW-C - Collaborative Coach
402 Talahi Road, SE
Vienna, VA 22180
Phone: 202-957-8045
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I am a second career Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private psychotherapy and coaching practice in the District of Columbia; Vienna, Virginia; and Maryland.

In Collaborative practice, I coach clients as they work through concerns and possibilities encountered in the separation and divorce process. I listen and help you identify and voice your interests and bring your ‘best self’ to this very challenging time in your life. Using the Collaborative team model we provide structure, guidance and support so you can forge a future that you can live with. If you have children, I will guide you toward interim decisions and a co-parenting plan that addresses their needs and welfare. I look forward to answering your questions: Please call. I also highly recommend you read ‘Collaborative Divorce -- The Revolutionary New Way to Restructure Your Family, Resolve Legal Issues, and Move on with Your Life’ by Pauline H. Tesler, M.A., J.D. and Peggy Thompson, PhD.

Through my Psychotherapy and Counseling practice, I provide personalized, goal-directed and experiential therapies for individuals, couples, families and groups, tailoring interventions that address each client\\\'s unique needs, interests and goals.

As a Parenting Consultant, I help clients explore alternatives to resolving their conflicts, including definition and clarification of issues, increased appreciation for various options, and discussion of process ‘fit’ for individual circumstances and preferences. I help parents write healthy and workable co-parenting plans: Parenting planning includes consideration of your interests and values, narrative formation to “tell the kids, family and friends”, access schedule options, writing a tailored plan to your specific family configuration and dealing with high needs (if present), and remaining available to help you through implementation.

Through my Mediation services, as a sole or co-mediator, I facilitate out-of-Court resolution of differences, including parenting plans, personal and civil matters. Mediation is a ‘true neutral’ that can explore options, but not make recommendations. I continue my affiliation with Peacemaker Ministries and remain in their certification program.

As a Parent Coordinator (in Virginia and the District of Columbia), I help clients with high conflict co-parent dynamics, promote increased awareness and consideration of their children\\\'s needs, focus on the present and future, and facilitate and recommend co-parenting decisions.

I also provide Executive Coaching for professionals, including leadership development, optimal use of personal strengths, change management, team-building, and strategic negotiations.


During my first career I served as a naval officer, aviator, aviation squadron commander, senior leader and educator. Before retiring as a Captain, USN after 26 years of service, I taught as a Professor of Behavioral Sciences at the Industrial College of the Armed Forces (ICAF), and enjoyed coaching and counseling military and government service senior executives and their families.

After gaining my Master’s in Social Work at National Catholic School of Social Services (NCSSS), I helped those suffering serious mental illness, addiction, and their families in the inpatient psychiatric hospital and outpatient community mental health settings. I am now in private practice and help my clients realize personal freedom, joy and fulfillment in the midst of and through their changing life circumstances.