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Karen Freed

Coach/Child Specialist
12007 Whippoorwill Ln
North Bethesda, MD 20852
Phone: 301-816-0978
Fax: 301-816-1148

I am a licensed clinical social worker who has spent the last 30 years concentrating on helping families deal with separation and divorce and the changes brought about by the the accompanying restructuring of families.  I am sensitive to the emotional turmoil, uncertainty about the future and anxiety that these changes bring not only for adults but also for children.  As a therapist and as a Parenting Coordinator I have seen the trauma that people experience as a result of an adversarial divorce process.  As a Divorce Coach in the Collaborative Process I have seen how families benefit from a non-adversarial, hopeful process that focuses on the future and provides a structure for addressing financial, property and parenting issues with integrity and respect.

As an experienced Divorce Coach, I provide a caring and supportive environment in which clients can identify their needs, goals and questions needing to be answered.  I help clients strengthen their communication skills so that discussions can be productive and decisions made thoughtfully.  I help clients manage emotions so that they do not serve as roadblocks to resolving issues and so that agreements reached are workable and durable.

Together with clients, we identify not only the needs of the adults in the family but also the needs of the children.  We craft a parenting plan in which the children\'s needs are front and center and which defines the expectations and responsibilities of co-parents.  The parenting plan addresses such things as when children will be with each parent, ways in which decisions are to be made, and provides a foundation for successful co-parenting.  It defines ways of communicating and problem-solving so that there is clarity for parents and for children

In addition, I help parents develop a shared narrative to use in explaining to their children what is happening.  We work together to anticipate questions children might ask and ways of responding.

I am committed to helping clients resolve issues in a manner that is constructive, creative, and forward looking.

I am an affiliate of the Collaborative Practice Center of Greater Washington and an affiliate of the Collaborative Practice Center of Montgomery County.  I am an active member in the Collaborative Community and was a founder of the Collaborative Divorce Association of Montgomery County (CDA) where I served 2 terms as co-president.  I am a member of the the Collaborative Dispute Resolution practice group (CDRP) and a current board member of the District of Columbia Academy of Collaborative Professionals (DCACP).  I am also a board member of The Collaborative Project of Maryland (CPM) which provides collaborative law services to people of modest means.  I am a frequent presenter at conferences for professionals dealing with separation and divorce issues, have participated in training for the Maryland Judicial Institute on the impact of divorce on children, and am a continuing presenter to divorcing parents about parenting plans and children and the law.

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