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Sheila Adams Gardner

Cooperative Strategies Family Law
Attorney, Mediator
1455 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Suite 400 Washington, DC 20004
Phone: 571-214-4431
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“Conscious un-coupling” is not just for the rich and famous. Family disputes can be resolved civilly, without the uncertainty and expense associated with litigation. Using the collaborative law process, or mediation I support clients as they design their own solutions through informed, mindful, and good-faith negotiations; resulting in an equitable out-of-court settlement agreement that reflects their family’s unique needs. I was inspired to create Cooperative Strategies Family Law after several years as a parent educator for my company, Gardener Parenting Consultants. In that work, I coached parents struggling to successfully co-parent. Having grown up in a cooperative two-home family, I know what it takes to raise healthy children after divorce. It is that experience that makes me passionate about helping parents make their two-home family stable and nurturing for their children. Let Cooperative Strategies Family Law help you achieve your highest priority goals in a manner that respects every individual involved.