About the DC Academy of Collaborative Professionals

Collaborative Practice is an international network of legal, financial, mental health and other professionals who assist parties facing separation, divorce or other difficult matters in a healthier, non-adversarial process based upon integrity, direct discussion and cooperation.

About 60 Collaborative practitioners are members of the DC Academy of Collaborative Professionals (DCACP). Our membership includes attorneys, mental health professionals, financial professionals and child specialists who work together in teams helping families in ways that they most need.

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DCACP Board 

Executive Board        
President   Erin Golding
President-Elect   Sarah Zimmerman
Immediate Past President   Sue Soler
Secretary   Marc Isaacs
Treasurer   Caroline Girgis
Membership Committee Chair    Margie Hofberg
Chair of Website Committee   Sheila Gardner
Chair of Education Committee   Lisa Herrick
Chair of Outreach Committee   Barbara Burr
At-Large Board Members    
    Brandes Ash
    Ann Marie Jackson
    Julia Kirvan
    Amanda Sow
    Steve Weisbaum

*Barbara Burr and Lisa Herrick are not currently on the Board

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