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Patrice Garver

Coach/Child Specialist
Phone: 703-281-6058
Fax: 703-938-6203

For over 25 years I have provided mental health services for children, adolescents and families through therapy, evaluation, consultation and co-parenting mediation. I approach each client and family with careful attentiveness and sensitivity to their unique circumstance and situation. I strive to help families, children and couples navigate the various stages of separation and divorce with the emphasis on finding healthy, productive ways to resolve conflict and adjust to the re-configuration of their family.

I believe the Collaborative Divorce Model provides a process in which the divorcing couple can generate creative and thoughtful resolutions. A supportive team of professionals help the couple navigate the process and develop productive and healthy resolutions for them and their family. As a collaborative coach and Child Specialist, I am dedicated to help each couple explore and resolve concerns as they separate and continue to co-parent while being sensitive to their children’s developmental needs and each person’s emotional challenges. I am very much aware that every family, adult, and child enters the process with their own unique situation, difficulties, and strengths. My goal is to get to know each client in a way that can productively assist them during this stressful time and help provide support to them and the professional team.

My trainings and education have focused on psychological evaluations, human/child development, individual and family therapy, family stress and trauma, the collaborative divorce process, and mediation.

My graduate work at the University of Maryland (Ph.D.) focused on psychology, research and diagnostic assessment. I also have a Master’s degree in Developmental Clinical Psychology from Antioch College and a Master’s in Counseling, focused on therapy with families in crisis. I was also granted a post-graduate year internship at Johns Hopkins/Kennedy Krieger Center for Child and Family Traumatic Stress. I have spent the last several years participating in trainings in the Collaborative process and divorce mediation.